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Yuko Hair Straighting System

Yuko Hair Straighting

YUKO’s philosophy is to care for the hair. Formulations are designed to be easily absorbed so key ingredients get to where they are needed. Ingredients are specially chosen to strengthen and moisturise.

YUKO Permanent Straightening is designed to give beautifully smooth permanently straight hair while YUKO Anti-Frizz is a gentle but effective de-frizzing procedure designed to give beautifully soft, manageable hair (Anti-Frizz can be done on the same day after colouring).

Both YUKO Permanent Straightening and Anti-Frizz treatments follow a similar process although products used and timings vary. Treatments are always tailored to individual hair types.

YUKO Permanent Straightening typically takes from 4 – 6 hours and YUKO Anti-Frizz typically takes from 2 – 3.5 hours. Times vary depending on hair length and type and can sometimes take longer for very thick or coarse hair.

YUKO Japanese Straightening

This is a popular process for making hair straighter that uses a hot, flat iron to permanently alter the hair into a new, straight shape. The hair that is treated will remain straight permanently, while new hair that grows in will do so in its natural state.

The average treatment time comes in at up to 4 hours, although this depends upon the length, type and condition of the hair being worked on. The regularity of touch-ups depends upon how quickly new hair grows in, with between 4 and 6 months the typical length of time between YUKO Japanese Straightening treatments.

As well as straightening your hair, this process is also about giving it a healthy shine while avoiding causing too much damage. In this way, it is an improvement on the traditional approach of using straightening irons at home.

However, if you have thick and very curly hair then you may wish to look at the other processes that are gentler on your hair.  Also, if you want to retain volume, then another method, such as the Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment or Kerastraight would allow you to retain and increase the natural volume of your hair.