Vibrant Sexy hair

Color, it’s not just about grey coverage, is it? These days, we want to have a bit of fun. Why can’t we stand out in a crowd with an intense shade of raspberry purple or purple rain? But we all know that it’s not that simple. Sure, walking out the salon can make you feel like a million dollars and absolutely tickled pink, but how long will that pink continue to tickle your tresses before it becomes a faded fuchsia? That’s where Vibrant Sexy Hair comes in. This brand new collection helps protect your color for longer, much, much longer. In fact, it’s been proven that this hair care line can keep your color looking vibrant for up to 10 weeks*; that’s roughly the same amount of time it’d take before you’d need a root touch up! What’s more, the Vibrant line is infused with Rose and Almond Oil, lavishing your hair in luxury from root to tip. So it’s time to start that love affair with your hair and go Vibrant!
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