Price list 2019

 We offer Students and nurses discount. Loyalty points scheme. Vouchers available.

Cut & Blow Drying ( Ladies)

From     £ 30.00

Cut & Blw Drying    (Gentlemen) From     £ 10.00
Children (up to 18 years old) From     £ 20.00
Blow Drying From     £ 14.00
Blw Drying Long Hair From     £ 16.00
Iron Curling (not including blw drying) From     £ 10.00
Long Hair Dressing From     £ 25.00   
Bridal Hair Dressing  (free consultation) By Quotation

Biokera moisturising/hair repair treatment

Salerm Keratin shot smoothing treatment
special offer from £110.00

YUKO Hair Straightning system (free consultation)

From    £   5.00


            £  80.00

From    £ 225.00


                              The following Prices are exclusive of  Cut & Blow Drying


We use colouring product range from Salerm Cosmetics Professional.

Salerm vison is a bright, vibrant, longer-lasting colours. Colour that’s caring as well as effective. High-tech colour pigments: maximum colour effectiveness inside the hair cortex.
Natural vegetable oils: protect and condition the hair during the colour treatment process.

Introducing Iridia, Salerm Cosmetics oxidation colour free from ammonia and PPD. Reduces the possibility of allergic reactions and skin irritation without losing excellent colour coverage.

Colouring  (Semi or Permanent)   

Biokera Nature Colour

From   £ 25.00 -  

(£ 55.00 Inclusive C&BD)

Colour Correction (free consultation)

By Quotation 

High Lights - Low Lights (Multiple colours) 

From    £ 35.00 -

(£ 65.00 - Inclusive C&BD)

1/2 Head Highlight

From    £ 25.00 -

(£ 55.00 - Inclusive C&BD)

                                                            Style Support

                                                          Perment Waving

Acid And Alkaline Waving                        

From    £ 24.00 -

(£ 54.00 Inclusive C&BD)

Spiral Perm System                                      

By Quotation -

(Free Consultation)

  All the Above Prices are inclusive of V.A.T  

Giampiero Salon hair stylists and colorists combine visionary, cutting edge training and technique with their own artistic and personal touch. The professionals of Giampiero Salon provide each client with a unique, contemporary hair color and style and exclusive trend-setting products.

The staff is dedicated to your comfort and relaxation with total focus on your health and beauty. Bridal packages are available. Call Giampiero Salon for more information on rates and for a complete list of services.