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Salerm Hair products

 Hairtitude Manifest 
Beauty is not unique.
It is in all things, from the greatest to the smallest changes.
That’s why we don’t transform your beauty, we enhance it. We let it loose.
So that, in your day-to-day life, at any moment in time, you feel especially beautiful.To make your hair colour add a flash of colour to the dullest of days.That you seize every new experience by the hair and pull hard.That you let your hair down dancing and laughing until sunrise.That you cut loose and start from zero,or one,or two.
That you let yourself go and make an evening out into a night to remember.
We can work together to make sure your hair radiates beauty and personality:
Salerm Cosmetics gives you the tools, you provide the attitude.
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Arganology Oil 60ml
£9.75 £13.00
Biokera Grapeology Mask 200ml
£8.50 £9.75
BIOKERA GRAPEOLOGY MASK Deep conditioning, nourishing and hydrating
Biokera Mask Argan 300ml
£9.50 £11.50
Citric Balance mask 250ml
£8.95 £12.50
Deep Impact Plus 200ml
£8.95 £13.50
Grapeology 60 ml
£12.50 £16.00
Hi Repair mask 200ml
£8.25 £10.25
Hi Repair shampoo 250ml
£7.50 £9.50
Hi-Repat Finish Serum 100ml
£14.50 £16.50
Keratin Shot Serum 100ml
£15.95 £17.50
Proline Ice Gel 03
£10.50 £12.50
Proline Liss Foam 01 - 200ml
£8.95 £10.50
blowdrying foam
Proline Nature Lac 03 - 650ml
£8.95 £10.25
hair spray
Proline Pro Lac 03 -300ml
£9.50 £11.00
Proline Volume Dust 10gr
£6.50 £9.50
Salerm 21
£7.95 £9.50
Scalp Care Mask
£7.95 £17.50
Scalp Care Shampoo
£7.95 £14.50
SOS Remedy Serum
£13.25 £23.00
Wet Gel Plus 02 -  200ml
£6.50 £8.25
wet gel
Wheat germ mask 200ml
£7.85 £9.50