Salerm 21

The Salerm 21 family grows Salerm Cosmetics has created three new products which bear the unmistakable stamp of Salerm 21, the successful elixir for hair based on silk proteins and pro vitamin B5, and which will give you unimaginably beautiful hair:
Salerm 21 Shampoo, Salerm 21 Express and 21 Finish. The new products in the 21 range have more than 20 properties that will  make your hair younger and stronger. The shampoo, aside from cleaning and conditioning, will hydrate dry and damaged hair, stimulating the regeneration of the skin and rejuvenating the hair, thanks to its formula based on hyaluronic acid. Up until now this kind of product was only used in facial cosmetics, but diverse scientific studies have shown that when used on hair it has the same effects as on the skin. Another of the revolutionary qualities of this shampoo is that ittotally free froparabens   

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Salerm 21
RRP: £8.50
Salerm 21 finish 100ml
RRP: £14.00
Wheat germ mask 200ml
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