Lendan Essential Reload

Restores and protects your skin's natural balance

An advanced treatment, containing prebiotic actives that helps to recompose the skin microbiome, as well as providing a recharging boost of essential  nutrients to improve balance and restore an healthier appearance 
Gentle cleansing action without using effectiveness and in this way prevent any further damage to the microbiota 

Balance, repair and reactivation for the complete comfort and health of the skin
The actives in the range prevent th skin for becoming damaged 
The Microbiome 

Our skin’s beauty is closely related to the microbiome’s balance.

The microbiome is an invisible and very complex community, which forms a balanced ecosystem, essential for the correct functioning of our skin and organism.

When the balance of the microbiome is disrupted, alterations in the skin’s natural defenses can occur, provoking premature aging, and resulting in discomfort (redness, inflammation, dryness and itching) which alerts us to the damage.

Our organism in Numbers

Up to 2kg of bacteria per person

10 times more bacteria cells than human cells

>10.000 different species of microorganisms identified on healthy skin

All this shows that there are billones of bacteria coexisting on our bodies




The prebiotics present in Essencial Reload are active substances that stimulate the growth of the healthy microorganisms found naturally on our skin, reducing the possibility for proliferation of harmful bacteria. This way we can restore and maintain the balance the skin needs to face the daily challenges to its ecosystem

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