Healthy Sexy Hair

Our hair is our best fashion accessory, and the only thing we wear every day. In a world where we push our hair styling to the limits we all need a bit of help now and again. Heated styling tools, regular washing, coloring, bleaching and just generally being out and about, you name it, it all has an impact on our hair. Soft and mellow, Healthy Sexy Hair is just soychanting (that’s enchanting with a touch of Soy if you catch our drift) for any one who suffers from dry and damaged locks that crave moisture and nourishment. It’s the solution for normal to dry hair that needs a bit of “ooh” back into their shampoo, and “ream” in their cream. Perfectly balanced with Soy Protein, Cocoa and Argan Oil, the range helps to give dry hair that much needed moisture and nourishment without making it feel heavy. Soymarvellous!