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Hair Lightining

Magic Bleach

High performance lightening powder

Uniformly lightened color, whether applied to colored or virgin hair.

Magic Bleach is a high performance, progressive lightening powder capable of reaching platinum levels with neutral hues and total hair protection at the same time. Its mineral-rich oat-based composition gives the product an added hydrating boost and leaves hair silky-soft.

Deco Eco

The innovative lightening power without ammonia

Plex Protect’s technology increases hair strength and reduce post-treatment breakage

Deco Eco is Biokera’s innovative lightening power without ammonia that takes care of your hair thanks to Plex Protect technology. It also incorporates trace elements of Avena Sativa flour and certified organic vegetable oils. For reliable lightening of up to 9 levels.

It includes blue pigments that neutralize any brassy reflects derived from the technical process. Deco Eco allows the combination of bleaching powders with vials. For enhanced hair conditioning, use of Shade Correcting Oil.


Lightening pâté kit

Maximum respect for the hair structure

Decopate is a kit made up of two products: a solid, powder lightening phase which is mixed with the liquid phase that comes in separate glass vials. When mixed they form a pâté paste that is capable of lightening up to six levels in total comfort. Thanks to its oily composition the hair fibers are protected throughout the process and the end result is effective lightening and silky, manageable hair.