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Lendan Hair ID
Hair Id ritual treatment
Hair and scalp sensations
We are always aware of the world surroundings, even if we closed our eyes and block our ears……
This is because we perceive the world through the skin, the hair…. Different sensations;
The touch, the pain, the heat, the scent…..
Every square inch of the skin has about 1500 special nerve endings called receptors; they detect all the described sensations.
Hair ID is the treatment that enhances and sharpens the senses and transport you in a different dimension; the intelligent treatment …
The hair act absorbing the precise quantity of active concentrate, according to the degree of porosity, without releasing heavy residues for the stem and the skin.
The active concentrates, preserve the natural humidity in the hair to guarantee the health, the epidemical balance, the hydration and protective action of the physical agents, chemicals and atmospheric.

Your hair, your treatment
Because your hair is unique, there’s Hair Id, made just for you.

Lendan, after years of investigation, has managed to break with conventional thinking, thanks to HAIR ID technology. A pioneering and personalized treatment that, with the assessment of the professional stylist, adapts to the particular needs of each client’s hair and scalp in a totally individualized way.

This system represents a pioneering advance in the personalization of hair treatment, allowing the characteristics of each product to be adapted to the individual to achieve visible results from the very first application.

HAIR ID SYSTEM is made up of:

• Smart Base

• Two active concentrates.

• One essence.

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