About Us

Giampiero Hair Colour Salon provides all aspects of hairdressing, we don’t cut corners in providing a high quality service. The business strongly believes that their policy provides a very good balance in value and service given.

The environment in the salon is very professional, and customer friendly. Staff are constantly updated not only through training, but also by the atmosphere and feed back that is given. Not only through clients interests and requirements but also by the teamwork that is created within the salon. The team attends Salon exhibitions and courses throughout the year.

We use Salerm hair products for our salon services and home care. 

Our Positives  

- Committed to the environment
- 70% of the production is managed with solar energy and we return 100% of the treated water to natural watercourses.
- Naturally Salerm
- Since our inception, we are a Cruelty Free company and every day with more and more Vegan formulas and with a high % of natural ingredients.
- Cruelty Free
- Organic and vegan ingredients
- SDG Agenda 2030
- Commitment to renewable energies
- Going for biodegradable packaging
- Sustainable production

We would like to express our appreciation to all of our customers and thank them for their valuable support.